Lvgl single object refresh

Good morning,

I am trying to use a 240x320 TFT color display with lvgl 8.2.0 library (4 wire spi communication)
The display driver is a ST7789V.
My hardware is MIMXRT1020-EVK, the tool I use is McuXpresso 11.6.0

I can correctly load the image on the display but when I want to update a single displayed object the complete update of the display occurs.

How can I set up a single item update? From the documentation I have read it seems to happen automatically.

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Try disp_drv.full_refresh = 0;
And it depends on how you implement your disp_drv.flush_cb.

Thanks for your answer.

The problem was elsewhere, I solved it.

I had not connected to ground all the unused pin, this caused the unaspected refresh.