LVGL screenshot




lv_100ask_screenshot is a screenshot tool based on LVGL.

lv_100ask_screenshot features:

  • Save LVGL screen objects (full screen) as image files: lv_scr_act(),layer_sys(),layer_top()
  • Capture and save the specified LVGL object and its children as an image file
  • Supported save as: BMP, PNG, JPG
  • more todo…

lv_100ask_screenshot is very simple to use, and the subsequent custom expansion functions are also very convenient, so stay tuned for more functions.


Refer to the example in lv_lib_100ask/test/lv_100ask_screenshot_test.

Get lv_100ask_screenshot

Try lv_100ask_screenshot

You can try lv_100ask_screenshot functionality through these two files, please feel free to use them.

The path for saving images is “D:/” and cannot be modified:


Very nice! I’m sure it will be useful for many people!

Thank you! I hope so too!