LVGL, RTOS and USB host - NuttX?

Guilty of being rather late getting my act together for a current design that needs not only LVGL, but also USB host support on a “bare bones” SAMA5D27 design.

It seems that most USB host implementations are, not surprisingly, based around an RTOS.

FreeRTOS doesn’t obviously include USB host libraries (nor LVGL, but that is easy to sort I believe) but NuttX does. Atmel/Microchip also don’t have host libraries unless you use Harmony and I really don’t want to use that as it’s SOOO painful!!!

Anyone think that using LVGL V7 with NuttX is going to give me major hassles?

Anyone have any rough benchmarks of NuttX boot times on embedded platforms? Is it <1s? A few seconds? Many many seconds is not on, but I’m assuming that NuttX is similar to FreeRTOS in that respect, but I’ve not tried it yet.

It was effectively instantaneous last time I used it; there’s no tangible difference between it and FreeRTOS.

As far as I know, NuttX has already updated to v7, so I expect that things should work mostly out of the box.

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Thanks! I couldn’t find any specific reference to LVGL let alone V7, but only started investigating late yesterday and no doubt missed it.

I will plough on and try and get some demo code up and running this week.