LVGL Porting for Aurix TFT Board

Hi all!

Since Aurix TFT board has a TFT lcd I was looking for proper graphical library to port. Driver in the demo software wasn’t proper thus I have searched in the internet and found LVGL better comparing to others. It is open source and easy to port. There is a simulator also.

Thus after spending some time I was able to port it to the Aurix TFT board. Thanks to your helps also. Below an example image can be seen. I have uploaded the code to github as well. You can freely use and contribute.


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Thank you very much for sharing!

You might see that in the lvgl organization we already have some projects for specific boards and platforms. If you are interested, we can host your Aurix port there as well to make it more visible. Of course, you would have admin access to that repo.
No push, just asking. :slight_smile:

(I’ve moved this topic to the “My projects” category and added the “aurix” tag.)

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Hi Gabor!

Thanks for your interest and for lvgl. That’s really helpful. Sure you can host as you wish. I would like to share it more people also.

Hi Erhan
It seems it is a multi core MCU. I cannot find your periodic calls. Please advice

Awesome! :slight_smile:
I’ve created the lv_port_aurix and sent an invitation for you.

Feel free to edit the repo’s description and the README as you wish.

On the Forum, we have a group for “official people”. It’s mainly used to add the LVGL logo to your avatar. Once the code is uploaded to the repo I can add you to this group.

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