LVGL on Windows in custom WYSIWYG editor

LVGL is great and I want to use it in a microcontroller device to replace STemWin.

This device has a configurable UI.

For UI creation custom Windows software is used (it also has some other specific functions).

Software is written on C# and UI creation done by just adding C# window forms elements (so no real WYSIWYG now).

I hope I will achieve WYSIWYG with LVGL both on device and on PC .

Maybe someone can suggest the easiest way to integrate LVGL to existing C# software (to achieve WYSIWYG for UI design and maybe simulation)?

WYSIWYG editor for LVGL already exists for Windows, it’s called SquareLine Studio. It’s partially made by the same devs as LVGL.

Yes I know about Squareline.
But I don’t need ready software.
I want to integrate LVGL into my custom C# software to get functions similar to Squareline, but much simpler (only 2-3 widgets needed, no styles, no code generation, just place and set positions of some widgets).
Or if not possible to do so, create new such software from scratch (windows only ok).
So I hope someone can point out easiest way of achiving this.