Lvgl + node.js, on embedded Linux

Is it possible to write lvgl program in node.js? If yes, any example?

I have never seen a reference to it.

The closest I i think you can get is to write a wrapper for the moddable sdk.

Need an official LVGL for node very much. Javascript now dominates the world.

LVGL has already been ported to Emscripten by me (this is what all our live example demos use). If there is a way for Emscripten on Node.js to access a canvas element similar to a browser, porting this to Node would be relatively easy.

On the other hand, you could use Chromium or something similar and just use the existing browser version of LVGL. It’s quite stable and has been so for over a year.

The thing is, by the time you are including the relatively heavy V8 JavaScript engine that Node/Chromium use, what makes you want to use LVGL for your GUI instead of HTML?

Thank you @embeddedt. It is a great news that LVGL can be combined with nodejs. We are going to display video stream on embedded linux board. I’m not sure whether HTML could do this.

I have also some interest into JS bindings for node or other JS runtimes (I’ve been using IoT.js in the past) but there are many others (QuickJS, espruino etc)…

Any ongoing effort in this direction ?

Try lvgljs,write lvgl in javascript