LVGL Micropython Packages (ESP32/ESP32-C3)


  • Hello world :slight_smile:
  • Is it possible to provide packages for MicroPython / LVGL ?
  • I am working with ESP32 on FreeBSD.
  • Installing whole IDF SDK is painful.
  • There seems to be automated builds on the GitHub.
  • It would be really nice to just download lv mp package, put it on a target board, and focus on a project :slight_smile:

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

  • ESP32 (WROOM/MINI, DevKit, PICO on M5StickC+ / M5StickC).
  • ESP32-C3 (WROOM/MINI, DevKit).

What do you want to achieve?

  • Download LVGL MicroPython Package for ESP32 and ESP32-C3.
  • import lvgl.
  • Develop my project.
  • No LVGL build from the sources.

What have you tried so far?

  • Building LVGL from sources using ESP IDF.
  • On FreeBSD this is painful and troublesome.


  • I am playing with NuttX, Zephyr, mbed, etc on FreeBSD with no problem (I even made esp Linux compilers work on FreeBSD).
  • RTOS is known to be extremely time consuming and troublesome (sometimes I have to fix several dependencies for things to work).
  • I have found MicroPython a perfect solution for Rapid-Prototyping of hardware projects where β€œthings just work”^TM.
  • You can use MicroPython even on a bare machine with just Python virtualenv.
  • I am really surprised that there are no pip-like LVGL packages provided for MicroPython (yet).
  • If I have to setup whole RTOS SDK and build LVGL I prefer to use RTOS. MicroPython makes no sense here.
  • I do not need whole MicroPython build, just a LVGL packages to work on a bare ESP32(-C3) MicroPython release.
  • upip install lvgl or cp lvgl target:/lib would be a perfect solution here :slight_smile:
  • My FreeBSD related setup patches to ESP IDF are available only since v4.4. This version does not build the lv_mp sources. Lower IDF versions does not work correctly here. Having binary lvgl packages for MicroPython (ESP32/ESP32-C2 target) is the only way.
  • At this point in time also (so called) Unix port of LVGL+MP does not build on FreeBSD as it has some linux/fb.h hardcodes. I will have to fix that but it will take time too.
  • Repository lv_micropython does not build on macOS too :frowning:
  • Please consider providing binary packages of LVGL for MicroPython targets ESP32 and ESP32-C3 (maybe others too). Thank you :slight_smile: