Lvgl_micropython cannot compile successfully

Hi guys!
Equipment: ESP32S3 (N8R8)-devkitc-1
Env: idf-4.4 # micropython 1.19.1 # lvgl/lv_binding_micropython & lv_micropython
os: ubuntu20

Micropython compiles and works correctly. But the micropython that switched to lvgl has been compiled unsuccessfully, and has been compiling errors.

For example “/micropython/py/mpstate.h:293:40: error: ‘mp_state_vm_t’ {aka ‘struct _mp_state_vm_t’} has no member named ‘_lv_group_ll’”, I searched for files and couldn’t find “_lv_group_ll”

I’m going to have a meltdown!!!

Is there any tutorial that helps me compile lvgl_micropython normally and burn to esp32s3 (N8R8)

**The compilation environment cannot be changed

Hi @caesarken !

Don’t melt down just yet!

esp32s3 is not yet supported.
lv_micropython only supports esp32 today.