LVGL GUI editor

Hi Folks,

I am working upon SBC based upon rk3328, With GCC setup I am able to run the demo from PC_Simulator just fine.

Now I want to create a my own Full GUI for my application, to do so I have tried searching for GUI builder/editor tool.

My requests are its should be latest, freeware, Open source, have all the GUI components, drag and drop UI creation

I did search for it and found

  1. LVGL gui_designer (Starts but not moving forward i.e cannot put any component on window and no error being seen)
  2. Squareline (paid),
  3. Edgline (some how now the link is not working and getting 404 error ) - it can be used but not available
  4. GUI builder - May appear for NXP hardware only
  5. walv - online tool - doesn’t appears mature and document link is not opening from the github it self

Now I am stuck at a level that even now LVGL I made running on my embedded platform but the GUI design is taking time and these can help but all of them have these limitation.

Kindly please suggest which is the best tool can be taken up here ?

Appreciate your response.


Your request is mission impossible… but 3 is now 2 and have free variant limited use. SquareLine Studio - Pricing plans for SquareLine Studio

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Thanks for the reply @Marian_M ,

My customer is not going to pay for sure :), in that case to move fast may be I have to switch to another framework ?
Any suggestion still to stay at LVGL ?

I just want to develop the UI faster like darg and drop, and this is the only thing preventing me going into faster UI creation.

Have you checked GUI Guider | NXP Semiconductors ?

Hi @rmantovani68 ,
Yes in my question post it self I have posted as 4th point, but what it appears is its for only NXP hardwares only

The 4th point in your post is ‘Gui builder’, the application I suggested is ‘Gui guider’.
btw, the produced code is portable everywhere

Hi @rmantovani68 ,

Thanks for the quick revert, Noted your feedback.
In case (if not asking too much), can I ask for the link ?

EDITED - You already posted.


the link is in my first answer : GUI Guider | NXP Semiconductors

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but this tool is only for nxp device… I’m bit confused.

The OP asked for GUI designers, GUI Guider is a gui designer produced by NXP, as I wrote above, its produced code is easily portabe on different architectures

What about trying EEZ Studio?