LVGL for extremely low pixel screens/RGB output

I’m doing a preliminary investigation into whether LVGL would be suitable to operate devices with 12-100 RGB LEDs, mostly on the lower side. For things this small a lot of objects would be 1x1 or 1x2 in size, and optimisation is a major concern. Does anyone know how approximately how much additional overhead there is from using 1x1 objects vs assigning an LED a value directly, or is this something we will just have to test?

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I do not think it is wise to use LVGL for this use-case. There will be a lot of overhead (the entirety of LVGL as opposed to just switching LEDs) and I am not sure LVGL would even work well on what is practically at most a 10x10 resolution. However, you might always try… Just know that LVGL seems to have been made with much higher resolutions in mind.