LVGL ends its collaboration with SquareLine Studio

Generating the C code would be easy using the JSON API script I submitted a PR for… Bindings can use a combination of that JSON output plus the XML output to generate code specific to a binding.

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What a great choice, as soon as I read it I went to look for it and I liked it. I’m working with TFT ILI9486 + VSCode + PlatformIO + LVGL, I already saw an example for a similar screen, I’m going to try to understand it and do something similar for mine.
In this link I saw the example.

Thank you very much.

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Hi! i bought a makerfab matouch 4’. i bought it 2 days after the colaboration between LVGL and Squareline ended. i tryed to download Squareline studio but i can’t make it work in any of my pcs.
i tryed EEZ Studio. that’s not much information about your software and just a few examples but after some minutes digging on it i was able to manage my navigation between windows and items (i still have no idea how to interface with the hardware itself but one step at a time!=) )

i have a built UI but now i have no ideia how to put it on my esp32-s3. there is no support for arduino IDE… i have no ideia how to do it.

Can you give me some lights please?

thanks in advance,


Hi Pedro and thank you for giving EEZ Studio a chance. In order not to hijack this thread with support questions, I suggest you sign up to the EEZ Discord server where you can expect assistance from the community.

does this also end the cooperation regarding Squareline Studio 2 as @kisvegabor presented at ?


Yes, it affects SquareLine v2 too.

Has there been any follow-up on what might be next as the supported/endorsed visual editor for LVGL?

Check EEZ Studio.
Free and open source LvGL editor for both V8 and V9.

Thanks @hussamaldean. I had seen this above and plan to check it out.

I would also be interested he hear whether there are plans for LVGL to endorse another editor, or potentially to begin the development of something new?

We are not advertising it too laud yet, but finally we have decided to work on LVGL’s official UI editor. In the past months we were working on finging the right partners, and now we have started the actual development. I’ll share more details in the upcoming weeks. :slight_smile:


Oh that’s exciting, currently developing a new production IoT device.

Will work on the front-end in 4 weeks, would you recommend for now to use EEZ studio? I guess development will take longer then 4 weeks haha.

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Yeah, it will take a little bit longer :smiley: We are aiming for 1 year with the production ready software.

I don’t have a deep experience with EEZ Studio, however the folks here confirmed that it’s really good. And it’s free as well. So I think it’s a good choice!