LVGL E-Bike Demo on i.MX RT1060


Where can I have (or purchase) the code from following LVGL Ebike demo (see link below) ?

Thank you

I believe it is a crank storyboard. Not sure how it fits in with lvgl.

no I don’t think it is Crank, as described in the link it should be really based on LVGL…

For me the big advantage of LVGL is, that I have full access/overview to the driver functions and in general to all the code and can easily integrate this code into other platforms/environments incl. stm32duino…

NXP works with Crank but this is an original demo developed using GUI Guider and LVGL. The graphical content was designed for us by

We are working towards publishing this demo (for free use on NXP-based designs, on along with the other ones (like our smart kitchen one which is available here) but don’t have it ready for general public release yet because we’d generally want to have an app note with the code to help developers. We may be able to get you earlier access if you contact NXP directly.

(like our smart kitchen one which is available here)

… so your evaluation boards include also the e-bike demo? Unfortunately the “here” link does not work.

I’m in contact with NXP now, but till now I only got a link to an evaluation board - but not sure if this evaluation board includes demo-software (or access to demo code)…

Thank you

The evaluation boards dont come with that demo pre-programmed, but we are providing some of the GUII Guider demos shown on the product page in application notes. The first one of these is the smart kitchen one, which you can find under the documentation tab of that web page. We havent released this for the ebike demo at this point though. The assets are free to use on NXP-based designs, but not other silicon.

The demos were developed based on a 480x272 display, and should be portable (using GUI Guider) to any supported NXP platform.

Ok, too bad, kitchen is boring, NXP now refers me to a distributor…
I would like to buy this e-bike demo, respectively the LVGL code of it… but seems impossible.

Drop me an email at brendon dot slade at and I will see if we can get you early access to the code before we post on Due to the Christmas and New Year holidays this will have to be in January though.