LVGL Board Certicate Program

Hi guys,

I’m so excited to share with you that we have just launched the LVGL Board Certificate Program!

It’s a great opportunity for board+display manufaturers whose users are intended to run LVGL on their boards. With the certificate, your board will be officially LVGL compatible.

It proves to your customers that LVGL is easy to use on your boards and has a good performance. Besides, we also help you by advertising your board on, making a video on YouTube, sending a newsletter, and posting on our social media channels.

At the current stage, we are looking for the initial participants of the program and will make the first boards public in January.

I hope you also found it interesting. If so you can read more at :slight_smile:


Can I get one? :grinning:

I think there’s a typo in the badges, should it say certified?

I designed one experimental board with double display. Now I postponed it. Dont have time. I planed send it to fabric. Can I use logo?

As I understand some one should check that board before certification

Hi @app-z,

Yes, you need to send the board to us. We will check it, try the demo, etc, and if all good you get a logo that can be printed to the PCB.

If your board is ready to test, please let me know via

Can I send first or second generation of board? Kind of pre-release one.

Certification is free? I hope :thinking:

Check :
It says $950 per board.

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Regarding the certificate please contact us via