LVGL Arduino compile errors

I have a lot of compile errors on arduino ESP32 with squareline. What am I doing wrong?

I tried to make something like “test” UI to test how widgets works, it worked well.
Then I tried to make a bit more difficult UI, and got a lot of compile errors in Arduino IDE.
I am using LVGL 8.3.6 with Squareline 1.3.3
My files:
[my project]
| → ui → ui.ino
| → libraries — → lvgl
*************** | → TFT_eSPI
*************** | → ui →
*************** | → lv_conf.h
My arduino sketchbook directory set to my project folder.
The code in ui.ino is LVGL_Arduino exmaple with changed resolution/touch calibration data,
with include of ui.h and ui_init call. My error screenshot:

If I try to remove include from ui.h, I get more errors:

I fixed that errors, but it don`t compile, there are more and more errors.
How can I fix that? What am I doing wrong?

Sorry for my english.