lv_tinyGL example

Hi dear,
there is an example how to implement tinyGL on LVGL?
I see this but maybe one file is missing (test.obj)?

These are the links for test.obj and test.mtl. However, we never finished making the model display, so you won’t see anything besides a gray background.

You can, however, try the gears example; that one does work.

wow thank you, try it!

I was able to get a obj model to display, it required getting the location and scale just right in an external CAD program, along with the OpenGL frustrum setup in TinyGL.

Converting the obj on the MCU seems a bit wasteful in some cases. I changed the routine embeddedt added to read the obj from an array instead of the file system, but I think an offline obj->header file coverter would make more sense.

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Am I the only person who finds it very difficult to position objects/cameras in 3D using purely code? I’ve had this problem with Three.js/Babylon.js on the web as well. I find it much more intuitive to set initial positions using an editor like Unity/Blender and use code for relative positioning.