LV_SYMBOL_WIFI other states

I seen that LV_SYMBOL_BATTERY has multiple states, from empty to full, a good idea is implementing the other states for LV_SYMBOL_WIFI, from no signal to full signal and a backwards compatibility as full signal.

Makes sense, however we are using the FontAwesome icons and the other WiFi states are not free. :frowning:

See here:

Yeah, I see, in today days and age I’ll not be surprised if I’ll encounter someone that will sell pixels :unamused:

I search several search engines and pretty much every icon there is under paywall, I believe search engines today curate and eliminate everything is free out there…

Several month’s ago I find everything I needed, today, pretty much nothing.

I’m sure that we can find a new symbol library, but it’s a much larger work than adding a few more from the existing one. :frowning: