Lv_spinbox cursor change not kept

LVGL V8.3 running on a RPi Pico and a touchscreen.
Changing the cursor position on the lv_spinbox control works but the increment and decrement buttons (taken from the example code) works on the original position and the cursor jumps back to the original position.
(I’ve come back to this project after a period of time and this seemed to work in V7???)
Is this a bug or do I need to respond in some way when the cursor position is changed by the user tapping over the new ‘digit’?

Hi Susan,
Which example code are you talking about?
Could you please share a link or more information about the code…

Spinbox (lv_spinbox) — LVGL documentation the C code example.

The only significant difference is that use ‘lv_spinbox step()’ rather than ‘lv_spinbox step_prev()’


Anyone able to assist?

I’ll answer my own question: I had a call to lv_spinbox_set_step() inside the callback for a pull-down box that kept resetting the cursor position.
Not sure why that callback was called when I didn’t touch the pull-down but it all works OK when I took out that call.