Lv_roller issues when selecting INFINITE


I have implemented a simple roller for setting minutes, so the data is 0-59.

When the roller is set to infinite and there more than 36 elements the selected area is rendered incorrectly, the numbers are out of sync and not centralised, I noticed the bug because it wasn’t apparent on the hour setting.

I have attached some screenshots, I have noticed some updates to the roller class on the latest project, but the changes are extensive to whole lvgl library which I am not in a position to update.

I have tried to delve in look at anything obvious, but the code isn’t straight forward.

As I say this only happens when the number of elements are greater than 36

Thank you in advance


Try setting LV_USE_LARGE_COORD 1 to lv_conf.h.

That has worked, thank you very much. I can’t believe it was that simple, I was trying to fix it in class itself.

Very much appreciated

I’ve already optimized it in the master branch, so it will work with LV_USE_LARGE_COORD 0 too :slight_smile: