Lv_port_esp32: how to use menuconfig for configuration

I want to use the ESP32 port (lv_port_esp32) as a component with an ESP-IDF installation.

I followed the documentation in, but I got some problems.

When callilng menuconfig, there are no options for LittlevGL to configure (there are just no menu entries for them im contradiction to the above link), and thus when compiling I get errors like:

#error “LittlevGL: LV_HOR_RES_MAX and LV_VER_RES_MAX must be greater than 0”

which seems to be caused because CONFIG_LVGL_DISPLAY_WIDTH is not defined in sdkconfig.


Configuration files are available here but they are not used during menuconfig. The Kconfig.projbuild is for the other project is working without any issues.

$ find . -name “Kconfig*”

So, what am I missing here? Any hints on how to proceed?


I think There is issue in your sdkconfig

Check configure options for littlevgl in sdkconfig

If there is no configure options than u have to make it first

After some tests I think the cause of this problem is the content of the makefile. It should include all the directories to work.
After adding the following line, menuconfig is working properly.

EXTRA_COMPONENT_DIRS := externals/lv_port_esp32/components externals/lv_port_esp32/components/lvgl_esp32_drivers externals/lv_port_esp32/components/lvgl_esp32_drivers/lvgl_touch externals/lv_port_esp32/components/lvgl_esp32_drivers/lvgl_tft

This information should be added to the



Just saw your issue on the repo, I’ve added a PR to solve it, please let me know if it fixes your issue. Sorry the README has fallen behind, it surely needs an update…