Lv_obj_set_free_num() and lv_obj_get_free_num() not found in v6.0

I am porting v6.0,but lv_obj_set_free_num() and lv_obj_get_free_num() not found in v6.0,How i deal with?

  • lv_obj_get_free_ptr and lv_obj_get_free_num are replaced lv_obj_get_user_data . The type of the user data can be changed in lv_conf.h

Is it right?

Yes, that’s the case for v6.0.

I have some orther problem which shows as follow image,How can i deal with?Thanks

Clean your project fully and rebuild. These are now macros instead of functions.

lv_scr_load() and lv_scr_act() can not find in v6.0. which functions do i use to instead of them?

I have found them. Thanks all right

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