Lv.obj() let my board restar

I use lv_micropython make build a board STM32H743 with 32Mflash and 32M ram,and i want try use LVGL write ‘’ hello word ‘’ in my ssd1306 screen .its 128 height and 64 width,and with I2C to show.but when i init my screen. i find when i use scr = lv.obj() this cmd ,it will make my bord Disconnect the link with repl just like the board is restar.this is the picture.
dose someone meet same situation and sove it?please help.

In my case, without initialize display driver before create lv.obj.
it’ll reboot.

I remeber my display driver (ili9xxx), it has lv.init() when it is not initialized.
I am not sure SSD1306,

try lv.init → init display driver → create obj

this is my seq to load screen

# initialize the display driver
disp = ili9xxx(miso=xx,mosi=xx,...etc)

obj = lv.obj()
label = lv.label(obj)
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thanks,i will try add init in my code.

i have try to add lv_init in my code,but it my be not work.the board is still restar.and ,i use I2C to init my ssd1306, but it still make my board restar.