Lv_meter, how to set label manualy?

After updating lvgl from master branch (v9.0.0-dev), it is not possible to make a label on rpm meter.
I need to make a simple rpm meter, from 0 to 9000.
Since there is not much space on the screen, the labels need to be made 0-9 (not 0-9000).

lv_meter_set_scale_ticks(rpm_gauge, 91, 2, 20, lv_palette_main(LV_PALETTE_GREY));
lv_meter_set_scale_major_ticks(rpm_gauge, 10, 2, 20, lv_color_black(), 20);
lv_meter_set_scale_range(rpm_gauge, 0, 9000, 270, 135);

In order for the needle to move smoothly, I set the range from 0 to 9000. But then the labels automatically become the same from 0 to 9000 and do not fit on the screen.
I can set the range of ticks from 0 to 9, but then the arrow moves in jerks (because I can’t pass the float to the lv_meter_set_indicator_value function).

In the previous version, I could add multiple scales and everything worked as it should.
How can this be fixed?

To make it clearer, I need to pass values from 0 to 9000 to the function lv_meter_set_indicator_value, but I want the indicator to look like this 2022-12-13-14-38-59 — ImgBB

Please use the release/v8.3 branch. See in the README: