Lv_ menu do not support focusing?

lv_ menu do not support focusing? How to use this control if it is a keyboard device or an encoder device?

The menu widget was added by @HX2003. Could you take look at this question?

Right now menu_cont objects are not added to the default group since there may be children objects such as sliders or switches inside which can be focusable.

You can add menu_cont manually using lv_group_add_obj(default_group, menu_cont);

@kisvegabor It is possible to apply the focused style to the parent object if any of the child objects are focused, last time I did in V7 was a little hacky.

Hmm, you can make add LV_OBJ_FLAG_EVENT_BUBBLE flag to the children, add an event callback to the parent and manually add/remove LV_STATE_FOCUSED to the parent on LV_EVENT_FOCUSED/DEFOCUSED.

Could it work?