Lv_label_set_text() can not print with \r\n newline characters togather


The lv_label_set_text() function can only print 4 lines with “\r\n” in one string. Question: can we use \r\n combined as new line characters in lvgl library?

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

Windows simulator with codeblocks

What do you want to achieve?

wanted to print the “a\r\na\r\na\r\na\r\na\r\na\r\n” with lv_label_set_text(). Was able to print only 4 'a’s in place of 6 'a’s.

What have you tried so far?

I tried to set the label text with only \r and only \n new line character separately. Lvgl can print “a\ra\ra\ra\ra\ra\ra\ra\ra\ra\ra\ra\ra\ra\ra\ra\ra\ra\ra\ra\ra\ra\ra\ra\r” and “a\na\na\na\na\na\na\na\na\na\na\na\na\na\na\na\na\na\na\na\na\na\na\na\n”. But when tried to print “a\r\na\r\na\r\na\r\na\r\na\r\n”. This prints only 4 times ‘a’.

Code to reproduce

/You code here/
lv_obj_t * receive_label;
char test_msg_buf[] = “a\r\na\r\na\r\na\r\na\r\na\r\n”;
lv_label_set_text(receive_label, test_msg_buf);

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