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When Using 1 for LV_COLOR_DEPTH as monochrome Setting It means for FrameBuffer We needs 1 bit for Every Pixel? for 480*854 Display Required RAM = 480✘854✘1 bit or 480✘854✘8 bit (480✘854 Byte)? It seams In this Configuration it sends 1 byte Per Pixel?

Hi @MortezaGH ,

I have no experience of monochrome with LVGL but looking at the code you are correct, when LV_COLOR_DEPTH is 1 LVGL is expecting to store a pixel in a byte.

Maybe this old article could be a useful reference for you to see how things are accomplished in LVGL, it is for an older version of LVGL but I believe the mechanics of the buffers are still the same.

I hope that helps…

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