Lv_callback(lv_event_cb_t event_cb, lv_event_code_t filter, void * user_data)

Basically a way of calling a Callback without using a Obj but also having a user_data and lv_event_code

It seems doable. You can manually craft an lv_event_t with filter and user_data and just pass it to the callback.

Thats what i though seems not that complicated but maybe you had misunderstood what i meant that is a way of call a callback like this

void HomeScreen(lv_event_t *event)


but without using a obj to send a event with a filter and a user_data

I mean simply doing this:

lv_event_t e;
memset(&e, 0x00, sizeof(e));
e.user_data = &foo;


Oh right, for me if it works and solves my problem theres no need for a feature about it then but still would be a + to LVGL

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Cool, I keep it in mind!

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