Lpc54628 image display

hi, i am suraj
i am working on lpc564628 and i want to display an image which is connected to OTA5180A without any wizards(gui). it seems to have same as that of stm board but i am feeling difficult in that.
can anyone please help me with the example code.
with regards

You are looking for the image object.

might be you are correct but i don’t understand, sorry for that
i need driver files for which the ota5180A should support, as per now i saw the board with the respective ic is been done in stm board and while doing that in the code it shows dozens of errors.
if u can please help me. i have attached the page which i referred. since here i cannot attach the link
i will say the page in this - Demo display output problem - question raised by paibian
the same ic and driver i have to use but for the different development boards.

no i am not looking for the single name of file or single function, i want the whole driver files for the ota5180a driver ic.

I don’t think we have a standalone OTA5180A driver. You would probably need to port or tweak one yourself.

okay thanks