Load montserrat font dynamic (micropython)

Bonjour ,
I want to load montserrat 48 font dynamic to avoid rebuild micropython.
I see lv_binding_micropython/examples/Dynamic_loading_font_example.py
for example and find
lv_font_montserrat_48.c in lv_micropython.
But how to convert .c to .bin for font loading ?
Thanks for Help and Regards

Hi @picpic020960
You find the fonts in examples/assets/font.
Have a look at examples/widgets/roller/lv_example_roller_3.py for an example on how to load fonts dynamically.

Hi Uraich ,
full path / url is better (not found)

edit : OK find (lvgl and not lv_micropython) , but only montserrat 16 and 22 as .fnt format
then , how to convert from .c to .fnt , i will explored

Bonjour @picpic020960
Sorry, I did not know that the fonts have been removed from the examples folder of the lvgl repository. You can find them here however:

Thanks Uraich
works fine
Bonne journée