LittlevGL on ESP32 LyraT 4.3/ Nextion enhanced 3.5

I am working on a project where I would like to use the LittlevGL HMI as a GUI to control the Nextion touchscreen to control the ESP32 LyraT. I have connected the ESP to the Nextion over UART but having problems to get it to pop. I have searched online but unable to find a lot of information because I am using Mingw32 not arduino. The Gui would serve as an master IOT control. on the node itself in addition to mobile app. I would greatly appreciate your help because I am not sure how to follow the gidelines for nextion and LittlevGL. I tried to modify the ESP example on the Iki touchscreen as per the example and modify it but that did not work.

You’ll need to provide more details. An exact description of what you’ve tried, what you expected, and what didn’t work would be useful.