LittlevGL in Elektor mazagine

Hi folks,

There is an article about LittlevGL in Elektor magazine!





It looks like they must be using a pre-6.0 version in that picture because the fonts don’t look as nice. Hopefully most of the information still applies.

Probably yes :frowning:

I wanted to point out a small inaccuracy in the article. The author mentions that:

LittlevGL unfortunately does not allow multi-threading, so all access must be from the same thread as the lv_task_handler() function.

This is not the most accurate way to express LVGL’s threading limitations. While the library does not support multithreading directly, it is certainly possible to wrap the API calls with your own mutex, and many people use LVGL with an OS in this manner.

Have you subscribed to the magazine to see this or is it available somewhere for free?

I think we can’t do anything with it now, only emphasize it more to avoid further confusion.
Although, it is stated in the README and was stated in the old website too: “OS, External memory and GPU supported but not required”

It’s available from their website:

I agree.

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