LittlevGL and round displays

Dear All

Please advice me is is possible use LittlevGL library with round displays.

driver ST7687S


driver ST7789V

or any other…
if is it possible in general.

thank you

Assuming that internally the round display uses a square block of memory to store pixels, there shouldn’t be any reason for it not to work.

I am beginner in displays…

you meant that can I probram round display like standard a x b size displays?

I’m no expert with rounded displays, but I think so. Usually, from what I’ve read, the extra corner parts are stored in memory but never displayed.

It depends on how the display works but as I saw so far they are usually considered rectangular. So the outer parts are just dropped.

Interesting note:
STM’s Chrom-GRC is a periphery to optimize non-rectangular displays’ memory usage. Here are more details. I haven’t tried yet though.
If I understood well it stores only the visible parts but when sending the data to the display it completes shorter lines to get a rectangular image in the end.