List enhancements

List enhancements

LV’s list add new item interface function can only add one label, and also cannot adjust the size and position of the label.I read the List section of the Music example and saw that it was using a custom add button function.The result is very beautiful.I think we can make this function a system-level interface to lv_list.

Typically, if you want a custom list, it’s best to use a page and add the elements directly to it.


The button types in lv_list are really limited and it’s not easy to add custom elements.

In v8 it will be much more straightforward. It still work in progress but see how simple the lv_list in v8 is.

Besides, it’s in the lv_componets repo which is designed to be a good place for contribution. I can imagine a lot of custom buttons and other elements for the list that are added by user.