Lilygo T-Display S3

I have a LILYGO T-Display-S3 board with a 1.9" LCD & ST7789 controller, it has an 8 bit parallel interface.

I have tried with ESP-IDF 5.0 & 4.4.3 and LVGL 8.0.2

I’m using this example as a start point

While the code compiles (needs a few fixes for minor compilation bugs) and runs it results in a black screen.

When I compare it to this Arduino code (which does work) I can see very little difference

The only thing that sticks out are some additional initialization instructions sent to the display (labelled CMD_1) but porting that change does not solve the problem.

One additional point is that if I run the UE code first, get a black screen, and then run the Arduino lv_demo code I very briefly at reset see the UE code’s output before it is replaced with the Arduino demo code output. This makes me think that it almost works but that I am missing some vital step

Has anybody had any success with the UE code?

Apparently I wan’t cleaning the build properly after trying with 5.0. Use 4.4.3 and it works


such id the problems with ESP32 so many problems between versions

Can confirm changing the esp-idf version to v4.4.3 worked. Tried with v5.0 but didn’t work