Light vs Hard Press

Not sure if it’s me or not but in my application I have to touch buttons a few times before it registers as a press. Recently I noticed that if I push hard, it registers a push the first try. If I touch lightly it won’t register. It is seeing the touch because I have a cursor that moves to the touch location and it moves to the button, but the button doesn’t press. Is this by design or am I imagining it? My screen is not pressure sensitive, but I am thinking pushing hard gives it a larger contact area to interpret.

Hi, I am also experiencing this you can try changing this in the lv_conf.h :-

/Input device read period in milliseconds/
#define LV_INDEV_DEF_READ_PERIOD 1 /[ms]/

I would so like it if LVGL would add a tap feature like a simple tap on the screen would activate a button rather than just a long press?