LGVL exporting to Arduino IDE

Hi I am having the same issue I got the files exported to IDE and loaded it.

Using the waveshare 4.3 inch S3 Development Board


ESP32-S3-Touch-LCD-4.3 - Waveshare Wiki

Then I getbthe following error:
(7) GPIO Error
(7) GPIO Error
(10) GPIO Error
(15) GPIO Error

And I have no idea where to get the the GPIO pins and where to change them in the code.

What kind of display driver do you use? TFT_eSPI or something else?

Kisvegabor privileged speaking with you.

To my knowledge ST7262.
Here is the post with most of the information https://www.waveshare.com/wiki/ESP32-S3-Touch-LCD-4.3

/*-------------------------------- LCD Related --------------------------------*/
/* Set to 0 if not using LCD */
#define ESP_PANEL_USE_LCD           (1)
 * LCD IC name. Choose one of the following:
 *      - ILI9341
 *      - GC9503, GC9A01
 *      - ST7262, ST7789, ST7796
#define ESP_PANEL_LCD_NAME          ST7262 

/* LCD resolution in pixels */
#define ESP_PANEL_LCD_H_RES         (800)
#define ESP_PANEL_LCD_V_RES         (480)

/* LCD Bus Settings */
 * If set to 1, the bus will skip to initialize the corresponding host. Users need to initialize the host in advance.
 * It is useful if other devices use the same host. Please ensure that the host is initialized only once.
 * LCD bus type. Choose one of the following:
 *      - 0: I2C (not supported yet)
 *      - 1: SPI
 *      - 2: I80 (not supported yet)
 *      - 3: RGB
#define ESP_PANEL_LCD_BUS_TYPE      (3)

LVGL already has some built-in drivers but ST7262 is still missing. However some similar ST7xxx IC-s are supported, so they can be a good starting point. See the docs here.

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Can I add the driver manually? Thanks for the reply!