LCOM: Serial Port Tools based on LVGL (PC Software)

LCOM: Serial Port Tools based on LVGL (PC Software)

I have always wanted to use LVGL to create a truly PC software, to verify or express the outstanding features of LVGL, and now I have achieved it with LCOM!

The LCOM is an easy to use serial communication terminal program (Based on LVGL!) that transmits and receives bytes to practically any device connected to a PC’s COM port.

Some of the LCOM features include:

  • [x] Transmits and receives data in either HEX or ASCII format
  • [x] Rrefresh the COM port list in real-time. Selectable COM port settings include baud rate, parity, data bits, stop bit, and Flow control
  • [x] scheduled auto send
  • [x] CR(\r), LF(\n), CR LF(\r\n)support
  • [x] Multiple character encode support(ASII,GBK(Chinese),UTF-8,UTF-16 etc.)
  • [ ] Modbus mode support (prepared for the 100ASK STM32H5 modbus tutorial)
  • [ ] Sending multiple strings
  • [ ] Multiple language support(TODO)
  • [ ] configs save and auto load(auto save settings when exit)(TODO)
  • [ ] serial auto detect, and remember last selected support
  • [ ] serial offline auto reconnect support
  • [ ] TCP/UDP support, include client and server mode
  • [ ] Custom Theme



Source code

Not yet open source (soon)



WOC,It was so cool that I tried to incorporate libUSB into lvgl’s CodeBlocks PC emulator, trying to use it as a host computer, but I didn’t finish the project.

I am also planning to use libUSB, and I believe it will make LCOM stronger!

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I’m amazed again :100:
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