LCD DPI and image size


Thank you for the great library.

I have question about screen DPI and image size.
In 130 DPI, 1.2 inch LCD display.
PNG image is 72 dpi, so Should I use large png images and size down for the best display quality?
I mean, if I want display a 20*20px icon on LCD with best quality,
72dpi : 20px = 130dpi : (X)px
(X) is 36.1px
import 36px png image, and display it resizing to 20px is the best way to display?

I’ve tried to do that, but I could not see any differences with my eyes.
I just want to use 130 DPI screen resolutions for the image quality.

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Ultimately only the resolution matters. 130 DPI tells only that 130 px result in 1 inch size. For 72 DPI its 72 px.

No magic here :slight_smile: A 20x20 image is a 20x20 image on all device but will look smaller on a 130 DPI display.

Ah… I see. I am totally misunderstanding about DPI. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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You are welcome! :slight_smile: