Larger Font Sizes not Supported?

Am I crazy, or are large font sizes from ttf files unable to be generated anymore with v 6.0? I tried to convert a ttf file into a c file using the offline littlevgl font converter, but once the size went over about 60 px it gives an error that the value of “value” is out of range. I tried to use the online converter for v 6.0 instead to see if this would be better, but it still couldn’t generate c files once it reached a certain size :frowning:
Is there something I’m missing?

There is a limit to how large the font can be, but as far as I know it was around 250 px rather than 60.

That was for v 5.3 because I can generate a font of 80 px using the v5.3 online converter and even 200 px, but I don’t know why it’s so much smaller now with the v6.0 converter now…

The limit I mentioned is new in the v6.0 converter as far as I know.

Sizes are calculated differently in the v6.0 converter so fonts might be a bit smaller. You can rectify that by just converting with a larger size.

okay, I will try that. Thank you

There was a bug with large fonts but it should be already fixed.

Are you using the latest master branch?

I believe so, but I found that the problem was actually with the ttf file itself, so I changed the file I was using to a different font and was able to change the size just fine :slight_smile:

Strange, I’ve never heard something like this.
Anyway glad to hear that you have found the issue!