Keyboard not opening when touching text area

I’ve got a text field set up and an attached keyboard. When the screen first displays the keyboard is open and any keys touched end up in the text area. But after the keyboard is closed (with OK or Hide) it cannot be reopened by touching the text area. Buttons on the same page work fine so touch coordinates and begin/end touch sensing seems to be OK. Perhaps the text area is not receiving focus when touched?

Can anyone give me a hint as to how an attached keyboard is supposed to be opened when touching a text field? I’m working my way through the lvgl code but would appreciate a quick hint if you’ve got it.

Thanks for any help with this.

You have to manually reopen it yourself. The keyboard is not reopened automatically.

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Thank you.

So something like:

lv_page_set_rel_action(ta, keyboard_open_close);


Yes, that should work fine.

before the keyboard is closed,the textarea is already in focus.

Let the textarea lose focus, before touching it again.