Kerning error in generated font

I found a problem in generated font code.
Font : montserrat-regular.otf
Generated 30 pt works good.
24 pt 2bpp acceptable, but 1bpp and 4bpp unsuable.
I attached my screenshots.!
kerning%20zt%20error%20montserrat%2024pt|388x424 kerning%20zt%20ok%20montserrat%2030pt

I selected 2 but only one file attached !
Another one :slight_smile:

It’s normal that 1bpp is not smooth.

With 24 pt, 1 and 4 bpp the only issue is the letter space between zt?

I have seen something similar on a generated font…(Source sans pro, 15p)
Also an “error” in ‘w’ missing some pixels with 4bpp.

It worked for me with GCC.
Please attach the C file which was not working.

I’m using last version of lvgl in Visual Studio SDL simulator.
On line generated files from Montserrat-Regular.otf.

I can’t upload!!!

Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.

You can work around that restriction by using the forum a bit. In the mean time you could upload the file to Google Drive or something similar.

I’ve tested it again, an saw that the kerning between “zt” is 0 so it shouldn’t bother too much.

Please download the latest version of lvgl from GitHub.
To see what happens I suggest setting the text to “zt” and debug this part:



I donwloded lvgv a few days ago.
I’ll refresh it.

Now a can attach image!

I’v generated 12,24,28,30,36 pt 4bpp fonts again.
Yo can see 12 pt and 24 pt have significant zt overlapping.
28, 30,36 have only small one.



I’ve tried it in visual studio and it worked for me. (I don’t know how to to set Visual Studio’s encoding to UTF-8 so the non ASCII chars are missing.)

I suggest following the steps in this comment to find the issue.

The problem caused by otf font !
I downloaded the ttf montserrat from another site…a miracle happend…so everything is alright !
Good to know it…

It’s still strange that the C file you sent worked well for me.