Issue regarding masked roller


I am working on the fade masked roller to do the selection of some data by taking the refrence of LVGL documentations example m

Scroll event on simple roller is working fine, But after adding the fade mask scroller is not working smoother (i.e, for scroll the data options I have to hold it and drag upward or downward). How can I do smoother scrolling for this? I mean without holding on options, by drag only scroll event should work like simple roller. Please, help me on the same.

Kind Regards,


Hi Amaresh,

Do you mean to keep the momentum of the scrolling (i.e. when you release the roller after scroll, it keeps scrolling)?

If so it seems working fine in the example you have linked and in the latest example too.

So I think the problem is in your code. Can you share it, so that I can try it out?