Is updated for v8?

Hi all,
I haven’t been able to dedicate much time to the issue, but after building lv_micropython 1.17 and successfully getting the advanced demo to run I noticed that the touchscreen was in need of calibration (more than 20px off-target). I tried multiple times to run but the same parameters that work for the advanced demo don’t work for The ILI9341 320x240 screen shows the circle and the text, but also a scrolling bar that shouldn’t be there, and the text is clipped. Additionally, it doesn’t seem to detect any touches at all, while the advanced demo does.
Any ideas? I haven’t researched enough to fully understand how TPCAL is calling lvgl, which I suppose is part of the problem, but I kinda wanted to have the board initialized correctly before starting to really work with it…

Hi @Raiker,

Actually this is an open issue.

When converting examples to v8 I haven’t had the time to fix this problem.
Currently I’m a bit busy with other things but I hope to get to that in the future.

If you would like to help fixing this, please feel free to open a PR!

Here is the GitHub issue:

I cannot guarantee I will have time to do it (ESP32 stuff is the lowest on my priority list) but if it’s not done by the time I get more time (in a couple of weeks) I might take a crack at it. And the same with porting the benchmark demo. I was looking for it to show a friend that micropython wasn’t that slow and found it it was never ported.

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