Is there any way to easily integrate the font conversion JS code into a nodeJS program

I’m working on an application that generates LVGL code, similar to what squareline did, but it’s tailor made to the work we do at the company I work at, and one of the features I want it to have is auto generating the font files, I’ve tried downloading the lv_font_conv module, but once I try to import it doesn’t work and accuses a lot of issues.
Simply running the CLI command with “npx lv_font_conv …” seems to be working, but I don’t my code to have to run an exec call when it could simply call an actual function and I’d also need all the user to install Node for it to work, which at this point isn’t needed for anything else. Is there anyway to use this module as an actual code module with minimal to no rewriting or is it only intended for CLI use?

I know this isn’t really an LVGL code issue and more a nodeJS problem, but don’t know any other place I could ask.
Thank you in advance for any help you can give