Is there any other ui demo?

Well, the default example from lvgl and square line are just amazing!
But it’s still too little, is there any other ui designing case? It’s not about the platform, just ui designing and some awesome effects.

something like this??

or like this??

possibly like this?

maybe this on a desktop PC being used as an overlay?

That’s cool! @kdschlosser
It’s great, but I want to find some forum (or website) that everybody could post their design. (just like this forum, but it doesn’t have such a part)

Hi @charles-lyc,

I’d like to better understand what you really need. If I understood correctly what you miss is not the basic “how to use LVGL” things, but something like “how to create complex and super impressive things”. Is it really the case?


I am thinking he is wondering if there is a place where people have to be able to put code and examples of cool tricks or things like that. a kind of repository that people are able to download the code and also be able to chat about it.

Isn’t there a category for that on this forum already? My projects - LVGL Forum

Perhaps no repository but that seems a bit over the top as usually code snippets of certain elements will suffice.

That forum topic is more of a “show and tell” Not really used to display fancy UI elements and share the code on how it’s done.

having an attached file repository where an author would be able to upload say a zip file and the contents of that zip file could be explored via the browser would be kind of cool to have. It would be beneficial to have a dedicated space for conversation about the code that was uploaded. I find that GitHub while an excellent way to share code can be overkill and really complex to use. Some people do not want to have to maintain something like a GitHub repository when all they want to do is share something like a 500 line script. The forum also handles conversation between people in a better manner than GitHub does.

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I’m considering to create a video series, similar to a

I think it would help a lot to get started with LVGL. I’d like to make really active (e.g. publish videos every week) so it needs some background, planning and founds as well. It’s among my 2024 plans.