Is there any common Graphic LCD Driver for Parallel Controllerless RGB Display?

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I want to interface my Graphic LCD (Tianma-TM050RDZG03-30 ) with STM32 microcontroller(not finalized yet, planned to work with GPIO with no dedicated LCD/GPU Interface) I have done the initial setup of LVGL but I am confused with LCD Driver as My LCD doesn’t have any on-chip graphic controller where we can give our command/data(datasheet and snapshot attached). A datasheet is telling that it only has a gate driver and a source driver.

Datasheet: 5 inch Tianma TFT TM050RDZG03-00 V2.0.pdf (1.3 MB)

If I am not wrong,all controller-less LCD have a common RGB interface.

Now My question is for Controllerless Display is there any reference Manual/Driver is there so that I can interface it with my Microcontroller.

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To drive such LED panels, we have to use the LTDC peripheral of the STM32, its available in STM32F429xx/STM32F469xx MCUs. Also you need to have adequate amount of RAM in the system. You need about 1125KB of RAM just for video buffer. If you double buffer then you need 2250KB. This much RAM is not available in your MCU. So the only option is to go for external SDRAM. Luckily, these MCU have an SDRAM controller built in. So you can easily hookup a SDRAM. But you need a good hardware designer to design PCB for SDRAM interface.

Further, these LCDs are NOT interfaced to GPIO but to LTDC.

I don’t want any dependency on LTDC because with LTDC we already have "TOUCHGFX ". Therefore, I am looking for some soft LTDC-like thing so that I can drive the display with any microcontroller.
I agree with your point that I need extra RAM for the Frame buffer.
Anyway thanks for the Reply.

Then better use an LCD with built in controller and RAM