Is the online image converter working for others?

When I try using it the filename never populates despite my opening a file.

It seems to populate for me; what browser are you using?

I have tried firefox, chrome and edge. They all act the same. I click the “browse” button, select a file then click “open”. The page remains stating “no file(s) selected.” What’s interesting is the flyover alt text does show the filename. Clicking Convert does nothing too.

Hmm. Please press F12 (this opens the browser’s developer tools), click console, and send a screenshot with any errors.

Just to confirm, you are accessing it using exactly this URL:, right?

That was the problem, I have been using the link

which is what is returned when using a duckduckgo search for “lvgl image converter”.
(maybe that should redirect?)

Problem solved, THANK YOU!

@kisvegabor Looks like the domain DNS configuration needs to be adjusted.

Updated. Now we redirect all to

You guys are the best. Thanks again!
I am having such a great time with this library. I’m working on a pretty fun project using LVGL which I hope to share with the world soon. I really appreciate the great support.

Looking forward to that! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your information.