Is stm32f750-discovery too slow for lvgl?

With the widget example I can get 46-49 fps when the screen isn’t reloading anything, but when it comes to the persistent examples (forgot what that was) my CPU runs at 99% speed but only 4-5 frames per second. I’m trying to get my stm32f750 device to run as smoothly as possible on lvgl 9, but it seems like it’s reached its limit?

I used external ram and qspi flash to achieve the above result

You missconfigure somethink. LTDC and lvgl require precise driver…

I’m using stm32f746’s built-in example, maybe it’s not fast enough for me, anyway I’ll learn about the two you mentioned, but can you give me a little more information? Since most people use existing templates from lvgl and ltdc, I don’t know how to start.

Link you use is working , but not optimal lack DMA2D, direct draw , double buffer …
More hw effective is for STM32 TouchGFX

Did you enable DMA2D?

I don’t see it in lv_conf, how do I turn it on?

Send me your email in PM and I will share my F429 disco project with DMA2D.
It will be identical in your case.
Same code I run on H757.