Is lv_img_create the technik I should use?

HI Gent’s,
I have a esp32 dev board, and a ili9341 SPI display, examples are running :slight_smile:
Currently I have running the VS repo, for getting familiar with the library.

One of my target is, to show different png-pictures on the same position.
I want to have “navigation-system-icons” shown, “turn left”, “turn right” and son on.
my question is, lv_img_create the right solution ?
Or is maybe something like canvas the better one ?


If you go to the docs, you will notice how to proceed with the load of image, it works almost as copy/paste, I would recommend you to convert jpg

You can use an image and change which image is being displayed on demand with lv_img_set_src.

What is the benefit, source is svg at the moment.
Then converting to png.

PNG will be smaller and maintains more quality for digital images (e.g. screenshots and UI icons). JPEG compresses natural images like photographs very well but causes graininess on digital images.

So for your use case PNG is better.