Is LittlevGL suit for my case? (based on arm A53,Linux)

Hi guys
I developed a project running on A53 CPU and Linux system. The board is designed for video codec, so the hardware is strong enough. Here lists some information:

Dual Core A53@1.4GHz Processor / VP6 DSP@630MHz
DDR4 : 1G bytes
NAND FLASH: 512M bytes

My project captures the video stream and sends to a screen via HDMI. And It should be able to draw some graphics, include line( width changable, anti-aliasing), circle, polygon, etc using the mouse. (Of course my Linux supports frame buffer /dev/fb0). Also, I need to draw some GUI items like button, scrollbar, spinbox… I 've tried Qt and Gtk+,but I think It’s too heavy for my simple needs. So I googled and found LittlevGL. I read the docs on the home page, and I wanna make a try. But I’m still afraid whether it is suit for my case? I’ll conclude my requirements below: Linux frame buffer, so I can draw the mouse cursor and graphics to /dev/fb0; (max width = 3840, max height = 2160)
2. support mouse event; (the mouse is mounted at /dev/input directory, I think I need a event trigger to tell an event has happened. so how can I change the while loop in the main function ?) drawing line (the width should be changable and anti-aliasing.) , circle…

We have fully working drivers for both already!

We should support that as well!

I recommend you start with this project. It’s already configured out of the box with support for a Linux-based framebuffer system.

Note that you might need to adjust this line in lv_drv_conf.h to match your actual mouse:

Thanks for reply. I’ll try it.