Introducing LVGL's UI editor - Edgeline

Hi guys,

I’m so happy to share with you the first video about LVGL’s UI editor. It’s called Edgeline.

We added comments to the video describing some of the most important features.

It’s still under development but we are getting really close to the release a beta version.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback. :slight_smile:


Looks amazing. Well done all :slight_smile:

Looks really good!
So this is not related to NXP’s GUI Builder right?

Does it support setting custom screen resolutions, color modes and edit styles via themes (ie, not having to edit manually every widget to follow a given style)?
Does this generate C code?

Wow, it looks great.

Is it multi platform ?

Look very promising.
Where it can be tested ? Will it run under Linux ?


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s independent of NXP’s GUI Guider.


Not yet, but a “style editor” (to create reusable style) will be part of the first release.

Yes, C and MicroPython.

Regarding OS: yes, Linux and Windows for sure. We are evaluating OSX.
Regarding MCU manufacturer: Also yes, but we are still working on the business model.

We are still fixing polishing it and will publish a beta version soon.


Please make it run on Mac platform.

I use the STM32 CubeIDE on Mac and would be great if the UI editor is the same platform.

We are on it! :slight_smile:

Looks great!!! When it will be launched?

Incredible, I’m looking forward to giving it a try
Well done!

Looks fantastic!

Looks cool. I’m looking forward to it

This is amazing!
Congrats on the achievement!!

+1 on the MacOS here - would be happy to beta test if needed.

Great work ,i am interested in style and theme editor :clap:

You did it again; Terrific, above my expectations. Congratulations and thanks.

OMG!!! Looks amazing :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Waiting for getting some news, because for sure I’ll use it. :smiley:

This is huge, I’m very excited. When will this be launched? :smiley:

That just looks Amazing. It’s going to be an absolute time saver. Cannot wait to put it through its paces.

Amazing!!! no words